Seeing Pontius stretchered off the field really bothered me

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Seeing Pontius stretchered off the field really bothered me, was a guy who was finally blossoming in to a top notch player and it's all over, at least for this year. Initially my gut reaction is to panic, the seasons over, no playoffs, but then I let it marinate a bit. This United team is pretty deep; on the attacking side we still have Najar, Santino Quaranta, Dwayne De, Davies and Josh Wolff. The defense seeming to finally be jelling and Bill Hamid is a solid number one keeper. We'll miss broadway tickets cinderella you Pontius, but what doesn't kill, makes you stronger.

United sits in 5th place in the East, but has only played 25 games, two and in some cases three less games than the rest of the East. So there is plenty of time to make up points and move up the conference ladder.

NEXT UP: This Saturday, September 17, in another roadie against the Seattle Sounders (2nd in the West).

At the half: EPL TIME!

It's only week four of the EPL season and I'm already starting to come to some solid conclusions:

1.) Manchester City and Manchester United are really, really good. You know how there is always that one friend or person online who always has to pick the best team when you play a video game? He can never be anyone unless they have like a 5 star rating. Well that guy you used to curse when he drubbed you and then left you sulking on the couch has now taking the form of a two real life teams, from the same city!
His name is Manchester UnitCity and he is un-fair and makes you want to take your ball and go home. Manchester UnitCity is terrorizing the EPL right now and don't look to be letting up anytime soon.

Currently both teams are tied atop the standings combining for 27 goals so far. Our only hope is Chelsea, who gets their first crack at United this coming Sunday. How big will that game be? Well it's only week five so not huge, but if ever there was a time to close the gap it's now. You can visit:  matilda the musical discount tickets

Conclusion: City of Manchester = Unbeatable