Opening Kick:Bittersweet

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Regular readers of Set Pieces with this book of mormon last minute tickets in Losenoidoomock will remember the Rust vs. Rest quagmire that was looming for DC United this weekend. Well just the people that actually read my articles, which I heard as of now has grown to three, me my fiancé and some guy in New York. That's right, what up New York? Anyways, Rest vs. Rust refers to the fact that DC United had nearly three weeks off following hurricane Irene.

Those twenty days off seemed to rejuvenate United as they turned in one of their most complete performances of the season defeating Chivas USA 3-0. I actually saw rust chipping off of Andy Najar as he menaced the Chivas defense bolting down the right flank time after time. United improved their stellar road record to 5-4-4 on the season and gave the United faithful reason to belief that a three year playoff drought may be over.

Now we get to the bittersweet portion of Set Pieces. First the sweet, remember that guy who was re-writing his redemption story after a near fatal car crash near RFK? You know he used to play for the National team and came to DC seeking a fresh start? It's okay if you don't, because the Charlie Davies that started the season scoring eight goals seemed to disappear as of late. Davies has been hampered with reoccurring injuries for much of the season and at times seemed to not have his head where his heart was. That all changed on Saturday as Davies reminded us just how deadly he can be scoring a hat trick and jumping to third place in the wayback machine band race for golden boot. (Author's Note: Golden Boot refers to the guy who scores the most goals in a season).

Before I could even text my buddy about the Davies 'hatty', something kolapadaar bitter crept into my mouth. Chris Pontius, who notched two assists in the game, and who was recently training with the US National team, suffered a season ending leg injury. I know, I know, just when you think it safe to talk playoffs, enter the jinx.