Fulham games are really hard to watch

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2.) Fulham games are really hard to watch the wicked tickets california. I wish I didn't work during the day. That way I would be able to watch Fulham play in the Europa league, because that seems to be the only way to watch them. So far they notched a total of 15 goals in Europa league play. This past week was the third EPL game of Fulham's I've watched this season and do you know how many goals I've seen. Two, and guess how many Fulham victories I've seen? ZERO.

The big three readers will remember that in my last Set Piece I confessed that I only watch Fulham to see Dempsey play. I think that statement has angered the Futbol gods since every time I sit down to invest 90 minutes of my time, I come away wanting to throw acid in my eyes.
Conclusion: Fulham suck to watch!

3.) My final conclusion isn't really a conclusion at all. I just wanted to note that Arsenal finally got a victory. Actually two rare things happened for the Gooners, they won and Arshavin actually scored a goal. That wasn't a typo, HE SCORED!
Conclusion: None.

Stoppage Time:Futbol vs. Football
I beat this next topic in to the ground every Sunday. I like to complain that there are too many stoppages in Football, too many timeouts. Futbol on the other hand gives us a set time that's nice for scheduling other events. Most people would disagree with me and shower more praise on Football, but I'm not here to argue the merits of the two. What I'm here to do is say that I feel sorry for people who just watch Football on Sunday and here's why.

What's better than getting up at noon and watching some pre-game and then gluing your butt to the coach for a full day of NFL action? Most would say nothing, but guess what? Fans of Futbol and Football, we get to do it twice. My Sunday starts by getting up anywhere between 9 and 11 to catch EPL action and then seamlessly transitioning into the one o'clock NFL kickoffs. So while most people are sleeping off Saturday night, I'm getting back to back Sunday action.

I know I probably didn't sway any diehard America loving Football fans, but remember you can like both and get more out of your Sundays. Don't fear change.